A breathable memory foam without sleeping in a pit.

The Vita Talalay® Embrace is designed for people who find the feeling of memory foam fine, but prefer better depressurization and ventilation. Unlike other memory foams, the Vita Talalay® Embrace little affected by pit formation in the mattress.

This makes it easy to turn in bed, which is necessary to be in a deep sleep. This ensures that you wake up rested. The mattress topper ensures that there is no pressure built up by lying too long in the same position. Vita Talalay® Embrace lifts you up, and feels gentle your body, unlike other memory foams.

A mattress topper can be considered for guests on board who want to sleep a little softer.

Available with IMO certification


Available in every size and shape


Handmade in the Netherlands


Available in soft, medium and firm


Perfect body support


Perfect viscoelastic properties

Vita Talalay embrace

Best ventilating memory foam

A superior memory foam which offers high comfort. The open cell structure is optimal for ventilation and moisture management. A Neptune embrace Talalay mattress topper supports your body where it is needed.

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In every shape

Vita Talalay is suitable for all areas

Neptune Talalay embrace This quility It beats all other materials on resilience, durability and ventilation.mattress topper with a core of 4 or 6 cm Talalay. Offers a pleasant comfort, and is used to smooth the seam between the two mattresses.

Equipped with FR Kane Caron cover

Easy maintenance, removable and machine washable cover

The mattress topper cores are finished with Kanecaron FR (fire-retardant) and IMO/MED certified white or blue mattress-cover.

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