“Comfort Plus” Line PREMIUM

The Neptune “Comfort Plus” Premium Line mattresses are produced from one premium quality Cold Foam Pantera® Nautic with multiple finishing layers and can be produced to fit in any shape, size or angle(s) of the bed frame. The Pantera® Nautic mattress core has been specially developed for yachting industry and has antibacterial properties. Unlike conventional polyurethane foams, the cores will not go moldy (a big problem on board many yachts) Pantera® Nautic is also dust mite resistant. This comfort material is ideal for people with allergies. This premium comfort foam is also fire-retardant and meets the strict IMO standards.
The Neptune “Comfort Plus” Premium Line mattresses are produced from a selection of multiple premium comfort foams. This base of 11cm thickness is provided with 1cm of EZ-Dry (a comfort foam with a very open cell structure) then 3cm of Vita-Talalay Embrace memory foam and finished with a top layer of 3cm of Vita-Talalay latex soft. This structure has fantastic ventilation and comfort properties.
We offer a 7-year warranty on this combination.



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