“Comfort Plus” Line Mattresses

The Neptune “Comfort Plus” Line boat mattresses are produced from one premium quality Cold Foam Pantera® Nautic with a 3 cm thick 100% W6S Vita-Talalay latex Soft top layer. These mattresses are available in two hardnesses; Medium and Firm and available in two thicknesses; 15 cm and 18 cm and can be produced in any shape. The Pantera® Nautic has been specially developed for water sports and has antibacterial properties. No mold will form in this mattress core. This premium cold foam is dust mite is resistant and also fire-resistant and meets the strict IMO / MED wheelmark certification.
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Available in two thicknesses: 15 cm and 18 cm and four different compositions: Medium and Firm. Mattress core which is made up of a base 12 cm or 15 cm Pantera® Nautic  and finished with a 3 cm Embrace memory foam or finished with a 3 cm 100%  Vita-Talalay latex  W6S soft top layer.

Also in the “Comfort Plus” line is a Premium mattress core composed. Available in one thicknesses: 18 cm and two different compositions: Medium and Firm.
Composed of a base 11 cm Pantera® Nautic / 1 cm EZ-Dry for greatly improved ventilation / 3 cm Embrace memory foam finished with a 3 cm 100% Vita-Talalay latex  W6S soft top layer.

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