If you had a busy or eventful day, the only important thing on board is a comfortable mattress ..... Neptune what else

Boat mattresses

Sleeping on a Neptune means choosing the very best. A Neptune boat mattress is manufactured from only the most comfortable and durable materials. Each mattress is provided with a high-quality fire-retardant FR blue or off-white mattress ticking with an Airflow ™ border. As a result, our mattresses offer comfort, support and ventilation of unrivaled quality. In combination with the Neptune slat system you create the perfect sleeping place. This is the basis for a wonderful night’s sleep.
Study carefully the four mattress categories below.

The four mattress lines of Neptune

"Comfort" Line

These mattresses are made from the best Lastilux Cold Foams or Pantera Nautic qualities.

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"Comfort Plus" Line

These mattresses are a combination of Pantera Nautic and 100% Vita-Talalay latex.

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"Comfort Plus" line PREMIUM

These boat mattresses are produced from a combination of several premium comfort foams.

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"Excellent" Line

These mattresses are made entirely of 100% Vita-Talalay latex, possibly provided with a pocket spring core.

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What should a good mattress meet?

  1. A mattress must provide good comfort
  2. A mattress must have a normal life span of +/- 7 to sometimes 13 years
  3. A mattress must ventilate properly (breathe)

If a mattress meets these three properties, you have purchased a perfect mattress.


  1. The thinner the mattress, the firmer it must be
  2. The thicker the mattress, the more comfort it can offer
  3. The heavier the quality the longer the lifespan
  4. The heavier the quality the more comfort it can offer
  5. A thick mattress is not necessarily a good and comfortable mattress
24hr service

Foreign deliveries

Your yacht is located in a foreign port, for example Cannes, Barcelona, Monaco, Mallaga, Ibiza or Saint-Tropez. We offer the mattresses in different qualities and thicknesses based on the dimensions you have supplied. If you agree with our pricing, we can, if you wish, produce templates off the mattresses on board. After an agreed delivery time, the mattresses are delivered to the relevant port by means of a trasporteur. If necessary, we can advise you when we are on board and guide you with making the right choice.

On Mallorca we have an advsieur and an experience center where more than 16 different qualities and thicknesses can be tried to make the right choice.

Come by for advice

Come by for advice

Our advisors discuss with you the situation and the desired sitting and / or sleeping comfort in detail.

We measure on board

We measure on board

Our craftsmen may come on board by appointment to measure everything and discuss the details.

The product is ready

The product is ready

As soon as the sitting and / or sleeping comfort is ready, an appointment for delivery is made

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