Sleep comfort

Neptune sleeping systems have been specially developed to offer optimum comfort and support. In combination with our Neptune slattsystem you have a comfortable and healthy sleeping place on board your yacht. Bed linen, duvets and duvet covers, everything is neatly made-to-measure.
Because everything is precisely aligned, your nights on board will be spent comfortably.

Approximately 30% of your time on board will be spent sleeping and we feel that’s too long to tolerate any discomfort.

Our products for a perfect night's sleep

Boat mattresses

Mattress toppers

Mattress supports

24hr service

Foreign deliveries

Your yacht is located in a foreign port, for example Cannes, Barcelona, Monaco, Mallaga, Ibiza or Saint-Tropez. We offer the mattresses in different qualities and thicknesses based on the dimensions you have supplied. If you agree with our pricing, we can, if you wish, produce templates off the mattresses on board. After an agreed delivery time, the mattresses are delivered to the relevant port by means of a trasporteur. If necessary, we can advise you when we are on board and guide you with making the right choice.

On Mallorca we have an advsieur and an experience center where more than 16 different qualities and thicknesses can be tried to make the right choice.

Come by for advice

Come by for advice

Our advisors discuss with you the situation and the desired sitting and / or sleeping comfort in detail.

We measure on board

We measure on board

Our craftsmen may come on board by appointment to measure everything and discuss the details.

The product is ready

The product is ready

As soon as the sitting and / or sleeping comfort is ready, an appointment for delivery is made

Wondering what Neptune can do for you?

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