Hallberg Rassy 64 “Bonnefooi”

The 64″    Hallberg Rassy  “Bonnefooi” would go on a world trip for a few years, reason enough for the new owners to renew the interior. The boat mattresses and the complete marine upholstery were replaced with interior designer Diana van Wieringen, who used the materials and the The boat cushions are equipped with Lastilux / cold foam fillings, which gives optimal seating comfort. On the wooden floor  furbished carpet was laid, which gives protection against dirt and scratches. The curtains were replaced by beautiful pleated ones, which well eclipsed and are colourfast.
In the owners cabin, a comfortable and well ventilated Vita-Talalay latex boot mattress gives a lot of sleeping comfort, on which beautiful bed linen in a “greige” color gives the finishing touch. Retain speed and wish you a lot of fun!

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