New: Electronically adjustable headrest

11 February 2023

Neptune has added a revolutionary, electronically adjustable headboard to its range for even more comfort onboard. The infinitely-adjustable headboard can easily be placed under (almost) any mattress, as well as used under a flexible slatted base, provided the slatted base is wide enough. The electronically adjustable headboard is 71 cm wide as standard and can be created to suit custom sizes if desired. Easy to install and connect yourself, it’s operated via a remote control. With a double mattress, two systems can be installed which can be operated in pairs making it the perfect solution for limited spaces onboard.

  • For anyone who wants additional comfort and functionality
  • Suitable for pleasure and superyachts, commercial shipping, and for bringing the comfort home, on land in your own bedroom
  • Ideal for reading a book or watching TV in bed.
  • Perfect for superyacht crew, spending their hours of rest in bed with a tablet or laptop
  • Easy to install and connect yourself
  • Price € 229.00 incl. VAT