From measurement to you in two-to-three weeks

From measurement to you in two-to-three weeks

04 August 2021

Neptune Nautical Comfort mattresses bring superyacht-quality bedding to residential and maritime clients in record time. Available internationally, the timeframe from measurement to delivery is as little as two to three weeks.

With dealers available on location or over the phone, make an appointment or call for personalised advice on getting the best mattress quality, thickness and related products for your unique situation.

Visit our showroom in Palma de Mallorca or Zwaagdijk (Holland), or the Neptune team will visit you onboard to give you a tailored solution within budget. They’ll also measure the space for an exact fit for your new mattress, on-the-spot advice for material options and give you your choice of combination options.

Neptune uses comfortable and durable materials for optimal comfort and support in combination with our patented Neptune slatted base systems; essential for ventilation under the mattress. The choice of materials mean that each mattress is a tailored solution designed just for you and manufactured traditionally by hand in our Netherlands workshop.

After our stringent quality control and manufacture process, we transport your mattress and products to you for a delivery and fitting appointment to ensure you are completely satisfied with your new Neptune mattress.

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