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Neptune at Home

Neptune has a mattress line specially made for villas, houses and apartments. Neptune mattresses have been specially developed to provide optimal comfort and support. A Neptune is made of the highest quality materials, promotes a perfect night’s sleep and has a long lifespan. Each mattress is custom made so that it always fits, regardless the size of your bed.

Sleeping on a Neptune means choosing the very best. A Neptune mattress is manufactured from only the most comfortable and durable materials. Each mattress is provided with a high-quality fire-retardant FR off-white mattress cover with an Airflow ™ border. As a result, our mattresses offer comfort, support and ventilation of unrivaled quality.

Approximately 30% of your time at home will be spent sleeping and we feel that’s too long to tolerate any discomfort.

We deliver the same quality for villas, houses and apartments as for boats. More about Neptune at Home mattress lines you can find at this page. In our experience centre in Palma de Mallorca (Spain) or in Zwaagdijk-Oost (The Netherlands) you can try out different types of mattresses and we show you our custom made bedding.

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