Horsehair as a filling for mattresses

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Horsehair is a product that Neptune disapproves as a filling for mattress cores.

Horsehair is used as mattress filling by a number of brands. It is then sold as natural and has good moisture-regulating effects. Whether that is the case, we leave in the middle. But that horsehair of horses is shaved for this purpose may be clear. The horses that are kept for their moons and tails often stay on small pieces of land and not in a pasture.
Tails and moons completely removed (shame and cruel for such a noble animal)

That’s how it should be, with tail so it has a healthier and more livable existence.

The horse uses the tail to chase flies away. A horse benefits greatly from the tail. Hornets and horse flies can sting mercilessly and cause a lot of itching by the horse. If the horse keeps its hair, it can chase the flies and hornets with its tail and its moons. Without tail and mane the horse can not defend itself against these nasty animals. And must reside in sometimes serious disorders of the stings that cause horse flies and hornets.

For the amount of land for horses there is a rule of thumb: 2500 m2 per horse, 3000 m2 for a mare with foal, or about four horses on one hectare. For horses that are kept for their hair, this is many times less.