The undisputed market leader for more than 30 years in sitting and sleeping comfort

Your time on board must be the best time of your life

Since its founding in 1992, Neptune has grown in more almost 30 years into the undisputed market leader in producing nautical sleep and seating comfort. We have achieved this position because we only have one goal: ensure that you can enjoy your time on board as much as possible. That goal has been the inspiration from the beginning to develop and produce the very best quality boat mattresses and boat cushions.
Neptune is the only player in this market with more than 30 different comfort foams in stock, all of which are cut to the desired product, which gives us a very large lead over all our colleagues.

Innovative craftsmanship

In the search for the very best we have never been afraid to do things differently. We have never stopped innovating and that is evident from the many solutions that have been developed since then. From flexible slatsystems, ultra-efficient extendable sleeping places, Neptune Airlift ™ to the Fullmotion ™ electrically adjustable sleep system, which is the most flat electrically adjustable system in the world.
At Neptune we continue to think through to create the best comfort for the limited space on board. That is our challenge.

Adventure on unknown territory

Entrepreneurship is an adventure on unknown territory, and we did that by settling in Mallorca. Knowing that we have an absolutely beautiful comfortable product for the yachts and villas on the Baleares, it seemed a logical step to create an experience room / showroom in the heart of the yachting world “Palma de Mallorca”.

The people behind Neptune

Talents that we are proud of


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