Your days on board

Here at Neptune, we want your days on board to be the best days of your lives. This means we’ll do anything to make sure that no other place in the world will feel as comfortable as your own boat. Neptune stands for unparalleled comfort on board, so that you can enjoy your days and nights out on the water to the fullest.
Meet Neptune at the METS from 14 to 16 november at stand SYP 11.710 !

Expert in custom-made comfort

Every yacht is different, the same way every owner has other demands. That is why your Neptune product is completely tailored to your personal needs. In order to deliver the best possible quality of custom work, all of our products are manufactured by hand in our very own workshop by specialists that take into account even the tiniest of your demands.

Sleeping systems

Our sleep systems have been designed specifically for stays on board. Choose a truly sensational sleep comfort.

Yacht Upholstery

Thanks to a combination of craftsmanship, knowledge of materials and passion, the most beautiful and comfortable creations are made.

Neptune at home

The quality of Neptune at home. Handmade beds specifically designed for your bedroom.

The day is yours

Once you are on board, there are only a few things that really matter. You are here to enjoy the sun and the water, but especially your spare time. Here at Neptune, we know how precious that spare time really is. That’s why we will do anything to ensure that you can enjoy your stay to the fullest. We see it as our mission to make sure that you can spend your days on board as fully-rested and comfortable as possible, so that you can get the most out of your day, every day.

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